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Jerry Finn est mort


Le producteur des albums de blink-182 depuis Enema Of The State et co-producteur du premier opus de +44 est mort le 21 août.

Pendant sa carrière, Jerry Finn a également travaillé avec des groupes comme Green day (jusqu'en 2001), Alkalin Trio, ou encore Bad Religion, pour ne citer qu'eux. Je pourrais continuer à détailler la longue liste des albums auxquels il a apporté sa touche personnelle et insister sur sa contribution à la scène punk-rock californienne, mais au final, Mark Hoppus en parle forcément mieux que moi :

"one of my best friends passed away today. jerry finn was one of the most talented, funniest, coolest, smartest, and honest people i've ever known. he was true in every sense of the word. true in his love of music, true in his friendships. jerry loved life. he was happiest when quietly making music he loved, and loudly making fun of everything he didn't. when i think of times spent with jerry, all i can think of is us laughing. so much laughter. he's just one of those guys with the quickest wit in the room. he also knows more about music than anyone. and i mean that seriously. he knows musicians, instruments, amplifiers, recording equipment, engineers, producers, albums, and studios like some people know sports statistics. jerry could tell you who played what instrument on which track of pretty much any album you could name, and then go on to tell you who produced it, who engineered it, in what room of which studio, and so on. it's really kind of amazing. he worked on many of my favorite albums of all time, and helped shape the sound and direction of blink-182 from enema of the state all the way through to the end and into +44. he was into family guy, south park, and mr show before anyone else had even heard of those shows. and when my son was born, while everyone else was sending us baby blankets and teddy bears, jerry and his girlfriend gave him a tiny extra small black leather jacket covered in metal studs and ramones pins.

i'm sitting here now and i don't even know what to type. i'm at a loss for words. nothing i can say will come close to describing what an amazing human being jerry was. his talent, his laughter, his love of life. every day i spent with jerry over the past ten years i feel like he taught me something new about music, or recording. or life. i think everyone who knew jerry would say the same thing. i feel blessed to have worked with and learned so much from him. but most of all i am honored to call him my dear friend. jerry, i miss you already."

EDIT 28/08/2008 : le post n'est plus visible sur

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