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News (archived) :

"155" music video


Enjoy !

Plus 44 - "155" music video

+44 cancels european tour dates


Plus 44 - News - Reading Leeds Pukkelpop festivals The few scheduled European summer tour dates had all been canceled.

So no more Reading and Leeds festival (among others).

The good news, at least for those who are not crying yet staring at their ticket, is that the band will be back in the studio very soon. "We want to start writing new songs and we are really excited about the direction we have planned."

A new album until the end of the year ?

Plus 44 - +44 cancels european tour dates

Socratic in the studio


Plus 44 - News - Socratic album Mark Hoppus posted a new entry at :

"yesterday we started tracking on the new socratic album. got drum sounds and basic drums recorded for three songs. today we are back in the studio, making it happen and changing the face of rock music forever. or at least recording a really cool album. here is duane playing the 1960 jazzmaster."

Plus 44 - Socratic in the studio

Mark hosts AOL Top 11


Plus 44 - News - AOL Top 11 Mark hosts the AOL Top 11 countdown this week.

You can check it out here (link to a Harry Potter parody inside ...).

Plus 44 - Mark hosts AOL Top 11

First Roxy private show contest


Plus 44 - News - Roxy Theater private show contest The first contest to win two tickets for the next +44 private show is officially open.
Here is the post from Mark Hoppus :

"okay, here are the first pair of tickets we're giving away to the private show +44 is playing in los angeles at the roxy on july 30th. our good friend todd (logitodd) from logitech is also throwing in a +44 ipod dock to the winner. yes indeed!

it works like this: the 44th person to email this email address: will get a free pair of tickets to the show and a +44 limited edition mm50 ipod dock.

1. Please include name, age, address and contact phone number
2. Contest is 18 and over only
3. Winner must be present at the show to get their MM50."

Plus 44 - First Roxy private show contest

Bumbershoot 2007 Festival


Plus 44 - News - Festival Bumbershoot Plus 44 appears on the lineup of the next Bumbershoot Festival.

This musical and artistic event will take place at Seatle, WA on Sept 1-3 and will also feature bands such as Panic! At The Disco, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Shins, Mae or Kings Of Leon ...

... and other not-that-much-known people like Devendra Banhart (If i say "Little Yellow Spiders" ?).

Tickets are on sale now and can be bought directly at for $30 for 1 day.

Plus 44 - Bumbershoot 2007 Festival

Roxy Theatre "secret" show


Plus 44 - News - Roxy Theatre secret show Hollywood / Los Angeles Mark Hoppus posted a new blog entry at :

"a few weeks ago we had to cancel a +44 signing at a best buy here in los angeles at the last minute. today was the rescheduled signing, and as a thank you to the people from our hometown who are so supportive they stood in line twice, everyone who came out today got a free ticket to a secret show we are having at the roxy on july 30th. i guess it's not really a secret show, but it's a show we're doing ourselves. there are no tickets for sale, and we aren't getting paid. it's a concert for everyone who came to the signing, after missing it the first time. the roxy is where +44 played our first show ever, and we thought it would be fun to play this show at the place that started it all. also, chris holmes is going to get up onstage and do a bunch of magic tricks, and james from the morning zoo is going to be dj'ing the entire night. neither of those last two points is true, but i did keep five pairs of tickets for the show to be given away here on we'll figure it out and have it up in the next few days, so keep checking back."

Get ready for the contest !

Plus 44 - Roxy Theatre "secret" show

Mark Hoppus to produce the next Socratic LP


Plus 44 - News - Mark Hoppus / Socratic LP After Idiot Pilot, Mark Hoppus will give a hand to Socratic has a producer of their next LP.

Recording kickoff : july, 9th.

Plus 44 - Mark Hoppus to produce the next Socratic LP

Expensive Taste show review by Mark Hoppus himself


Plus 44 - News - Expensive Taste show Mark posted a review of the first Expensive Taste show on his website :

"last week, after the honda civic tour concert in houston, expensive taste had their first show ever at a club downtown. the place was packed. there was a huge line outside. paul, rob and travis warmed up in the small room behind the stage, and i documented the event in photos. the room was filled with smoke. this being their first live performance, they had to figure out which songs to play, and run through a couple of quick rehearsals before walking out and performing them. rob wrote out the set list. travis warmed up on his practice pad. paul typed on his sidekick. everyone was laughing and talking. friends and family came by to say hello and wish them luck. then it was time to play.

the show was awesome. they played six songs. people were singing along, dancing. bun b and slim thug both came out for guest appearances. the entire show was filmed. everyone had a great time. at the end of the night we all drove back to our bus at the ampitheater, with shane drunk in the very back of the escalade, threatening to wet his pants if we didn't pull over for him to use the restroom. we didn't pull over."

Plus 44 - Expensive Taste show review by Mark Hoppus himself

Mark! At The Disco


Plus 44 - News - Mark + Panic! At The Disco + What's My Age Again Mark posted a new blog entry about how he ended up on stage with Panic! At The Disco playing What's My Age Again live and acoustic :

"today i woke up on the bus in las vegas to a call letting me know that something pretty serious happened late last night after the show in los angeles. in the middle of the night one our members had a very serious family emergency. thank God everyone is okay, but subsequently +44 was not able to play the show today. everyone was bummed we missed the date, but the immediate health of our families supercedes a show anytime. we are working on rescheduling +44 to come back and play a show on our own, and will let you know when we will return.

to fill the empty slot in the show, ryan and brendon from panique a la discotech were called to come out and play a few songs acoustically. we were all hanging out backstage talking beforehand, and i mentioned that i heard panic at the disco had started off as a blink-182 cover band back in the day. somehow we hit on the idea of getting together and playing a blink song. we rehearsed what's my age again a couple of times in a dressing room and then played it during the show. the guys were really cool and it was super fun playing the song. it's a little strange to meet a couple of guys and within two hours be playing in front of a couple thousand people with them. but hey, that's what we do: bring the awesome every single day, in every single way."

Plus 44 - Mark! At The Disco

VW Green Room / WFNX acoustic


Plus 44 - News - Live acoustic VW Green Room / FNX Radio Several days after the When Your Heart Stops Beating album release, Plus 44 performed an exclusive show at VW Green Room for WFNX.

Here is the tracklist :
Plus 44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating (live acoustic)

Plus 44 - 155 (live acoustic)

Plus 44 - Baby Come On (live acoustic)

Plus 44 - VW Green Room / WFNX acoustic

First Expensive Taste's show


Plus 44 - News - Expensive Taste show Expensive Taste, the side project Travis Barker built up with Paul "People's Champ" Wall and Skinhead Rob (Transplants), will perform its first show at Houston, TX the 18th.

Expensive Taste - Slidin' On That Oil

Plus 44 - First Expensive Taste's show

Travis remixes Rihanna


Plus 44 - News - Travis Barker Rihanna remix Travis posted a new article at MySpace :

"I worked on doin a rock remix for Rihanna's single "Umbrella" wit Jay-Z. Comes out tomorrow as an I-Tunes exclusive tomorrow the 12th, so check it out. 4 everyone who does, thanxx and we'll see u on the road."

Listen :
Rihanna - Umbrella (Travis Barker remix feat. Jay-Z)

Plus 44 - Travis remixes Rihanna

Idiot Pilot Co-Production


Plus 44 - News Album - Mark Hoppus / Idiot pilot Mark Hoppus posted a new message on his website :

"last week i got a copy of the final mixed version of the idiot pilot record that i co-produced with ross robinson. very stoked to say that it came out really amazing. i worked on pre-production with michael and daniel, then had to leave to start the +44 tour and they went into to the studio with ross to record the album in earnest. of course, with ross at the helm it really sounds incredible and the songs came out awesome. i am stoked to have been a small part of the process. if you are already a fan of idiot pilot, you will be amped on this album, as it sounds like them, only times a thousand. and if you are just getting introduced to them, you will be discovering one of the most creative bands out there right now. in either case, you will have a chance to check them out on a couple of +44 shows that we are adding onto the end of the honda civic tour that you will be finding out about in the very near future. their album comes out later this year, and you can find out more about idiot pilot here. awesome."

Plus 44 - Idiot Pilot Co-Production

When Your Heart Stops Beating cover


Plus 44 - News - Wir Sind Helden / When Your Heart Stops Beating cover After (+44) version's of "Guten Tag", it's now Wir Sind Helden turn's to release their version of "When Your Heart Stops Beating".

The song "Wenn Dein Herz Zu Schlagen Aufhört", translated in German for the iTune foreign exchange, was posted on the band's myspace.

And you can also hear it on the +44 player of this website.

Plus 44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating cover

Growing up ...


With What's My Age Again and The Rock Show, Dammit is the third blink-182 song Plus 44 played.

The video is available on youtube :

Plus 44 - Growing up ...

Plus 44 performed Dammit live


Plus 44 - News - Dammit live Mark posted a new entry at :

"yes indeed. tonight we played "dammit" in the set. very loud. very fun."

Plus 44 - Plus 44 performed Dammit live

Little Death Remix by Chris Holmes


Plus 44 - News - Little Death Remix The Little Death remix Chris Holmes was working on during the european tour is now done and available on the player of this site.

Plus 44 - Little Death Remix by Chris Holmes

Plus 44 at Much On Demand


Here is the video :

Plus 44 - Plus 44 at Much On Demand

Auction for another (+44) IPod dock


Plus 44 - News - IPod dock Mark posted a new article at :

"last week, the home of one of our crew members burned down. they lost everything. within 20 minutes it was all gone. every single band on the tour we are on pitched in and donated clothing, and +44 is doing another auction of a signed +44 LIMITED EDITION logitech ipod dock. all of the money raised will go directly to the family to help get their lives back together."

Plus 44 - Auction for another (+44) IPod dock

Wir Sind Helden cover


Plus 44 - News - Cover Guten Tag / Wir Sind Helden The first (+44) cover Mark talked about on march has been released.

It's a song from Wir Sind Helden entitled "Guten Tag". The official website of this band features, among others, a short extract of the original track.

You can also pick up a numerical copy of the cover on iTunes ...

... Or satisfy half your curiosity with this extract :

Plus 44 - Guten Tag (Wir Sind Helden Cover)

Plus 44 - Wir Sind Helden cover

You said 33 ?


Plus 44 - Podcast Mark Hoppus sur The podcast #33 is available on iTunes.

Nothing really new there as it was recorded before the Honda Civic Tour quick-off, but a little bit of MC Lars, a little bit of Great Turtle Race and a little bit of Todd Hernandez from Logitech.

By the way, Plus 44 performed The Rock Show yesterday evening ...

Plus 44 - You said 33 ?

Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins


Plus 44 - News - Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins The (merely) full tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins album is available.

The different tracks from Panic! at the Disco, The Academy Is ..., Young Love, The New Amsterdams, Test Your Reflex, Ben Kwelle and Gliss are up on their respective MySpace.

Nothing form Deftones, 30 Seconds To Mars or The Bravery for the moment ...

And to listen to "I Am One" by Plus 44 now, you just have to open the player of this site (song #8).

Enjoy ! =)

Plus 44 - Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins

About the next album ...


Plus 44 - News - Mark Hoppus talking about the next album On an interview posted on, Mark talked about the next album for the first time :

"we'll definitely be back in the studio, probably by the end of the year. We have some ideas. We have a couple of very rough demos that we've been working on. I know that everybody has a lot of little parts of songs, and once we get into the studio we'll be putting it all together."

"I have no idea what the next album's gonna sound like, and I'm really excited about not knowing," Hoppus says. "I think that's the exciting thing about being in (+44); a song that starts out on keyboards could end up on acoustic guitar, or a song that starts off as an electronic drum beat ends up as a big rock song. We never know where any song is gonna take us, and we're open to any ideas."

Plus 44 - About the next album ...

Plus 44 performing What's My Age Again live


Plus 44 performed "What's My Age Again" yesterday at the Mineapolis Target Center.

Here is the message Mark wrote at :
"for the past year and a half we have been saying how +44 will never play blink-182 songs. in interviews, when people ask about it, we say it won't happen, we think it's lame, etc. last week we changed our minds. and tonight during our set we played what's my age again. you see, travis and i LOVE our history with blink-182, and it seems a shame to let those songs sit dormant forever because of what happened two years ago. and that song is SO much fun to play. so why not? it was awesome to play that song live again. we're having the time of our lives out here. see you at the shows."

Plus 44 - Plus 44 performing What's My Age Again live

Plus 44/Honda Civic tour website


News - Plus 44 - Wallpapers As an add-on to the Plus 44's MySpace, another minisite has been created for the Honda Civic tour.

At first sight it's nothing serious, but pages entitled "Off The Cuff With Shane", "Videos From The Road" or "Travis' Weekly Blog" can make it an interesting thing for the weeks to come ...

Bonus : the first official plus 44 wallpapers.

Plus 44 - Plus 44/Honda Civic tour website

Honda Civic Tour


Plus 44 - news - Honda Civic tour Tokidiki bus On the road again !

Plus 44 started the Honda Civic tour on May 11th. All dates are available on the official site of the event.

You can also try to win a unique backstage ticket to meet them at the show of your choice thanks to the "Do U Rule ?" contest. Rad !

And for the occasion the band asked Tokidoki to design two buses (see the (+44) photos page).

Plus 44 - Honda Civic Tour

Punk Goes Acoustic 2


Plus 44 - News - Punk Goes Acoustic out now ! The Punk Goes Acoustic 2 album has been released today.

Among tracks by Relient K, The All American Reject and AntiFlag, (+44) chose "Baby Come On" as a contribution to this record.

All songs are available for listening on MySpace at

Plus 44 - Punk Goes Acoustic 2

Craig and Shane in Total Guitar


Plus 44 - News - Craig and Shane in Total Guitar Shane Gallagher and Craig Fairbaugh gave an interview published in the may issue of Total Guitar.

Influences, beginnings as guitar player and their way until they join the band, the two guitarists also talk about their plans for (+44).

Bonus : Complete tabs of "When Your Heart Stops Beating".

The scans by :
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

Plus 44 - Craig and Shane in Total Guitar

I Am One


Plus 44 - News - Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins "I Am One", this is probably the title of the cover Plus44 just recorded.

This track will be released in a tribute album to the Smashing Pumpkins that should be included in newsstand editions of July's Spin magazine.

The temporary tracklist :
Panic! at the Disco: "Tonight, Tonight"
(+44): "I Am One"
The Academy Is ... : "Mayonaise"
Deftones: "Siva"
30 Seconds to Mars: (track TBD)
The Bravery: "Rocket"
Young Love: "1979"
The New Amsterdams: "Thirty-Three"
Test Your Reflex: "Ava Adore"
Ben Kweller: "Today"
Hawthorne Heights: "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
Gliss: "Rhinoceros"

Plus 44 - I Am One

A brand new cover


Plus 44 - News interview - Back to the studio for a new cover Mark posted a new blog entry at :

"today we went back into the studio to start recording a song for a tribute album that comes out next month. i finished the bass, and shane and craig put down most of the guitar parts. tomorrow travis is going to record the drums and i'm going to try and get well into the vocals."

Plus 44 - A brand new cover

+44 @ Rock Corps part 2


Another video of the Boost Mobile Rock Corps seen on :

Plus 44 - +44 @ Rock Corps part 2

+44 @ Boost Mobile Rock Corps


Plus44 performed a gig for RockCorps, an organization that fixes up public areas and playgrounds.

As a reward for their work, volunteers got tickets for exclusive concerts with, among others, Rise Against, The Game, Korn.

Watch this :

Plus 44 - +44 @ Boost Mobile Rock Corps

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