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Mark's blog Update


Plus 44 - News - Mark Hoppus blog Socratic Fever Club

Here is his post from :

"+44 has been off the road for a while and man time flies when you are in the studio! been locked inside behind the neve 8014 for about the last two months.

lots going on. lots of loud noise. lots of ideas. were taking a break for a minute and craig and shane are hitting the road with the mercy killers. you can check out the dates here.

while they are out on tour, chris holmes and i are finishing up mixing the socratic record that we finished recording last month. the guys in the band wrote an amazing record, and really put their heart and soul into the music. i think we got some really great sounds. all kinds of different instruments and elements going on in every track. some fast rock tunes, some slower ballads, some experimental way-out songs that you would expect from socratic. and it all ties in together in a cohesive album. so stoked on the way their record is sounding. im very proud to be a part of it, and cant wait for it to come out. here is a video of vinnie from the band laying down a keyboard track for the song "magazine," which is one of my personal favorites. all of the band members are great musicians, and vinnie can shred on the keys. look for him at your local piano lounge.

if you go to their myspace page you can see lots of pictures from the recording session. many of which were stolen from the very website you are at right now! these guys are also presently on tour, so check them out if you get the chance.

also, last week holmes and i started producing a new project for a band called fever club. they were formerly "the look," but had to change their name, so now they are fever club. were into the second week now, and have finished drums and about half the guitars, bass, and synth parts. their sound is very dancy, 80s, keyboard and guitar rock. a fun, jumpy, frenetic record with a female singer. it is the exact opposite of the socratic record we just did, which keeps things fresh and interesting. more on them in future posts.

just this week, me and holmes got submitted for scoring a movie, so we have been assembling our own ideas for the last few days, and are supposed to meet with the music supervisors for the film next week. well see what happens. hopefully well get to try our hand at film scoring here in the next few months.

so yeah, +44, mercy killers, socratic, fever club, and film scoring. thats whats been up lately. obviously not any time available for podcasting, but hopefully well get a new podcast up in the very near future. were kind of back on track now, but very busy and happily so."

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