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Rock Mag interview


blink-182 - Rock Mag interview In an interview given to "Rock Mag" (a french music magazine), Travis told a little more about the silence that surrounds blink-182 since last February.

"blink-182 doesn't exists anymore because of Tom". Here is what one can read. This short sentence could crush all fans hopes ...
According to Travis, the Music For Relief show was canceled by Tom.

Extracts from the interview :
>RM: Let's talk about blink-182 now. Can you tell me why you canceled your participation to the Music For Relief concert last February?
>Travis: Tom canceled it.

>RM: Was it so bad between you that you couldn't perform one more show together?
>Travis: No, it's just Tom who decided that he didn't want to play that kind of music anymore and that he wanted to join up his wife.

>RM: After this event, rumors didn't stop growing. At the beginning, there was some talk about a long break. But some of your statements were not really clear ... You notably said that blink-182, did not exist anymore, and then, you avoided the issue and talked about a new album ...
>Travis: That's because I'm only a third of the band, I'm not blink-182 alone. So I don't have to talk about it after all, and I don't have anything to say to anyone about this ! All I can tell is that there are two other people you can ask.

>RM: Do you still see each other ?
>Travis: Nobody talks to Tom anymore, he spends all his time with his family now, he wants to stay at home spending his life with them now ! If you want some more information, you can call Tom and ask him directly why he wants to stay the whole day locked in at home !

>RM: Would it be possible to get another blink-182 album without Tom ?
>Travis: No.

>RM: So the official reason for the blink-182 end is that Tom wanted to have a break, but neither you nor Mark?
>Travis: Yes. Because Mark and I are still playing music together. We also
have a family, but we love playing music too. We don't let others - from our families or not - telling us what we should do !

>RM: Do you confirm the upcomming release of a blink-182 best-of ?
>Travis: Yes, I think it will be released in December.

>RM: Generally, that kind of album is a synonym of split...
>Travis: Yes, blink-182 does not exist anymore, because of Tom.

Travis also confirmed that Box Car Racer no longer exists, it was quite obvious but it's now official.

To be noticed : Neither Mark nor Tom talked about this and as Travis said, he is not blink-182 alone.
The temporary Macbeth Shoes site ( announced some news from Tom, but nothing has been published yet.

Here it is ...
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